Water biomonitoring

Fish, invertebrates, bacterial, fungal, crustaceans, molluscs, amphibians
Turnaround time:
Sampling months: All year. For monitoring the number of species over time we recommend testing at the same time of year in the same conditions at the same location

Test prices

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Recommended sampling kit
We are also able to accept samples from other companies' sampling kits as well as your own samples. Please contact us to double check the requirements and to get a sample reference number if you intend to do this.

How does it work?

Step 1: Get your sampling kits

Our sample collection kits ensure the DNA in your samples is preserved and protected during transit to our laboratory. We have kits for water, soil, scat and more.

Step 2: Collect your samples

Our molecular ecologists can advise you on sampling strategies and how to make the most of your budget

Step 3: Order your testing

Register your samples online. Tell us which tests you want to order for each sample. Return the samples to us. We invoice you for the testing upon completion (we do reserve the right to charge for testing upfront if it is your first order).

Step 4: Receive your results

Your results will be sent to our secure online portal. If you need it, we can offer a free consultation to help you interpret your results.