Molecular diagnostics for the veterinary, food and environmental industries

Veterinary Genetics

Inherited disease and coat colour testing for vets, breeders and owners

Foresight Health® packages

Comprehensive canine and feline testing for individual disorders and coat colours.
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Species identification services

Bat identification, canine identification, ISAG DNA profiling, mixed-sample characterisation

Robust identifications

We can identify almost any species utilising DNA barcoding and metabarcoding, in addition to more high-throughput specific assays.
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Avian sexing

For breeders, conservationists and commercial enterprises. We provide quality assured avian sexing services.

Avian sexing

From feather, shell, membranes, blood or tissue.
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Microbial genome sequencing

Characterising bacterial contaminants, plasmid sequencing, viral genomic sequencing, antibiotic resistance gene identification

Microbial genome sequencing

Standard analyses via long-read nanopore sequencing. Non-standard analyses can be carried out via arrangement.
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Expand your consultancy services with DNA testing

We can work with you to provide bespoke testing solutions for your customers. Testing is carried out on your behalf, allowing you to offer molecular diagnostics services under your own branding to your customers.

Bespoke testing solutions

Do you have a sample or problem without a current solution? We can utilise our depth of molecular diagnostics experience to develop and provide a bespoke testing solution. From identification of a particular species in a mixed sample to high-throughput sequencing or testing of many thousands of samples, we have the capability to help.


We work with a variety of professionals, including veterinary surgeons, ecologists, animal breeders, government agencies and environmental consultancies. We always aim to provide a first-class bespoke service to meet your needs.

Great company, quick results (7 days) and replied to any questions I had via email. Results are clear and super easy to understand. Thanks again.
Mrs M., Dog breeder
Veterinary genetics customer

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