Species identification from wide ranging environments

Biomonitoring services

Find out how eDNA biomonitoring can aid your consultancy, ecological assessments or corporate reporting requirements

Specialist eDNA and identification services

Environmental DNA (eDNA) provides a non-invasive and efficient method for monitoring biodiversity by detecting traces of DNA left by organisms in their surroundings.

eDNA testing is a comprensive and less disruptive approach to assessing ecosystems.


Species identification service

What is it?

Species identification via DNA barcoding.

Standard and Rapid testing available

Single species testing

Where is it?

You know which species you want to monitor. Let us help you detect them efficiently with highly specific non-invasive testing.

With single-species tests up to 8 species can be detected from the same sample.

Multi-species testing / biomonitoring

What is here?

Next-generation sequencing technologies enable the discovery of all species present at a location.

spatial and temporal biomonitoring

How long has it been there?

Testing a location over time can provide extensive information. Biobanking of eDNA samples can be arranged

Wildlife dietary analysis

What has it been eating?

Wildlife dietary analysis from scat can provide surprising insights

Specialist service

Bat species identification

Our bat DNA identification service identifies all 17 species of British bat. We also offer a five working day turnaround as standard and 48-hour rapid testing as an additional option.

Corporate reporting requirements

Biomonitoring is especially suitable for BNG, ESG, TNFD and other corporate reporting requirements.