Innovative applied solutions

Our molecular diagnostics services include whole genome sequencing, metagenomics, genotyping, species identification and product development.

improving companion animal health

Our Foresight Health® packages are one of the most popular genetic health screens in the UK for companion animal breeders and owners. Our veterinary inherited disorder testing aims to be ethical and affordable for animal owners. 

COVID19 solutions

Our COVID19 solutions range from PCR detection to determination of variant.

With our PathAssure® COVID19 service you can keep your workplace and workforce safe by swabbing high risk areas.

Our LFD-to-PCR service is ideal for both individuals and companies who want to confirm their lateral flow tests by PCR without having to take a second sample. 

SpikeSeq™ is our latest rapid sequencing service with the ability to determine COVID19 variant, including Omicron, quickly and reliably from both purified RNA and patient LFTs.

more services

Foresight ProFind®

Join the largest canine DNA profile database and ensure your dog can be identified after being stolen. We work with leading UK police forces.

Bacterial genome sequencing

Characterise your bacterial species of interest by sequencing the full genome. This can help determine identification,

Viral genome sequencing

From virome or infected sample, we have been sequencing and characterising (novel) viral genomes for more than a decade.

High-throughput qPCR

Utilise our high-throughput testing facility to accelerate your research or diagnostic testing.


Your customers want to know your cleaning procedures are effective. With PathAssure® you can certify your deep cleans with forensic precision.

Research & Development

Outsourcing your molecular diagnostics R&D saves you time and money. Contract the expertise you need for as long as you need it.

High-throughput testing

We can test thousands of samples per day by real-time PCR so why not take advantage of our high-throughput testing facility? Depending on your requirements we can design and validate an assay, or you can specify the targets as a project requirement.