Bat identification from droppings

All 17 species of British Bat
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We are also able to accept samples from other companies' sampling kits as well as your own samples. If you are sending samples direct please see the FAQs below


Which species does the test detect?

Our bat testing service identifies all 17 species of bat found in Britain. If you think that your sample might contain a species from further afield please let us know as we have a broader test which we can run which detects all worldwide species of bat.

  • Myotis bechsteinii
  • Myotis nattereri
  • Nyctalus noctula
  • Plecotus auritus
  • Plecotus austriacus
  • Rhinolophus ferrumequinum
  • Rhinolophus hipposideros
  • Pipistrellus nathusii
  • Pipistrellus pipistrellus
  • Pipistrellus pygmaeus
  • Barbastella barbastellus
  • Eptesicus serotinus
  • Myotis daubentonii
  • Myotis mystacinus
  • Nyctalus leisleri
  • Myotis brandtii
  • Myotis alcathoe
How many droppings are required?

We recommend sending at least 3 droppings for each sample that you want test. If we receive more we will randomly select three for testing. Sending more sample enables us to select further droppings if the original sample is degraded.

Can the test determine species in mixed dropping samples?

Yes. If there is more than one species of bat in the sample then our test will be able to tell you all the species of British bat present.

How do I send you a sample direct without buying a sampling kit first?

We recommend using one of our bat dropping sampling kits but we understand that sometimes you want to send samples without waiting for a kit.

To send samples direct please place your testing order on this page. As soon as you have placed your testing order please place the droppings in a eppendorf tube and ship them as soon as possible to:

Taxa Genomics, D5 Eden Business Park, Braddan, Isle of Man, IM4 2AY.

We recommend using a tracked service as the DNA in the samples can degrade in the post when not sent in the preservative we supply in our kits.