Species Identification Service

Our species identification service is split into two areas: single specimen identification and multispecies identification.

Single specimen identification

This service is ideal for companies and researchers who wish to identify a single specimen. DNA identification can be far more accurate than morphological identification and can be used to identify, for example:

  • Bacterial species confirmation from agar plates, assuming single colonies are present
  • Individual invertebrate specimens
  • Single leaves, buds or cuttings (including wood)

Multispecies identification

This service is ideal for identifying all the species in a mixed sample and can be applied to, for example:

  • Mixtures of invertebrates from drop-traps
  • Faecal microbiome studies
  • Dietary analysis
  • Any mixed-species sample which requires accurate identification

In some cases the method can be considered quantitative, with accurate relative abundances returned of the majority of species present in the sample. In certain cases, such as invertebrate drop-traps, the method is semi-quantitative, depending on the size of the invertebrates present in the mixed sample.