We can analyse metabarcoding data from bacterial, fungal and invertebrate samples. Metabarcoding offers an unbiased view of the species diversity of a sample.

If Illumina sequencing is used we cluster the sequences into operational taxonomic units (OTUs) and assign them to species. We then calculate the abundance of each taxa. If nanopore sequencing is used, we do not cluster the sequence reads, but continue to assign them to species and calculate the abundance of each species in the sample.

If you wish to sequence a non-standard locus, we can recommend the services of our sister brand Taxa Genomics, who carry molecular ecology studies on behalf of customers.

  • Representative sequences of OTUs and OTU composition files
  • Full characterization of the species and genera in the sample
  • Statistical and visualisations of sample comparisons

Metagenomics is the unbiased evaluation of DNA present in a sample by whole genome sequencing rather than amplification (metabarcoding). We identify and annotate genes using both sequence homology and computational gene prediction to assess the composition of your sample. Applications include novel species discovery, bioprospecting and functional annotation.

  • Characterisation of your sample: microbial diversity, functional diversity
  • Identified and predicted genes with annotations