About us

When we started Taxa Genomics we had one aim: to make the latest DNA methods more accessible and more affordable for the customers who would benefit the most from them.
Our areas of expertise include applied genomics, bioinformatics and molecular diagnostics and our staff have more than 15 years scientific experience in government, industry and academia. Our business is based on the beautiful Isle of Man, the first (and so far only) entire Island nation to be awarded UNESCO world biosphere status.
Whether you’re an ecologist, a research scientist, a citizen scientist or a company looking for specialist input, we can help you with your project. We can provide simple species identification from partial samples, degraded samples or droppings. We can also provide species identification from mixed samples, for example to identify the fish in a lake or the species of bacteria in soil. Or, for the adventurous, we can provide specialist genome sequencing and analysis for your species of interest.